Wednesday, June 3, 2009

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Abused Woman Lives in Fear of Ex

15 years ago a woman was beat and suffered so much because of her abusive ex. She moved on and teached about domestic violence and did a lot so girls won't go through what she has. 15 years later her ex is release and she is now scared for her life. He wrote her a threat letter which now has her bitting her finger nails.
I know I go on about leaving your abusive husband but I never said it was going to be easy! Nothing in life is easy! We must walk with our heads up high and continue to fight for that life we deserve. Something would definately happen to him; this would not go far. I do understand her fear but she has gone a long way and I believe she would be okday. Much luck to her!
[[click the link above and you'll have the orignal paper]]

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Domestic Violence Victim SPEAKS OUT!

She was beaten with a baseball bat and a machete and is still here to explain her story.

"My stomach used to churn when I knew he was about to come home because he would take all his anger out on me," she said.
"He hit me so hard using various items that I would not recognise myself as I was literally battered from head to toe.
"I have had my head split open on several occasions, several broken noses, a broken jaw, broken ribs, a fractured arm, suffered cuts and severe bruising on almost every part of my body."
He was convicted for 16 years, which I believe he should have gotten more. She changed her name and has begun a new life. Much luck to her.

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A case so tragic, Covina police will never forget

Police officers recieve a very disturbing call on christmas eve. A man, upset about his divorce, dresses up as Santa Claus and kills his ex wive, her parents and 6 relatives on Christmas Eve and he then later kills himself.

I want to become a police officer, as I may have said before, but I wouldn't know how to answer a call like this!!.. I know you must be prepared for anything but no matter how many years in the field, you would never be prepared for what may come next. To see all these innocent people die on a time where they were sharing a loving moment on christmas eve, is so hurtful. These police officers may never forget this and I dont blame them!

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Polygamist who tortured his family is sentenced to 7 life terms.

A man with 3 wives and 19 children was sentenced to 7 life terms for abusing, enslaving, and starving his family. He beatened them with anything he could get his hands on. He wouldn't them go out; they were pratically imprisoned in their own home. They weren't allowed to eat unless he said so but he would still force his wives to cook ONLY for him. Munsa Musa Muhammad is now in jail and the 3 wives and 19 children confessed on all he's done to them.

This article is something I would normally see on Law and Order but it hurts to say that this really happened to these poor people. I am not against Polygamist because like I've explained before, everyone is entitled to their own life styles as long as they aren't harmful to anyone else; he obviously was! No one deserves to get treated like slaves because we aren't in the 1930's. We have our rights and we are entitled to our freedom and we should definately fight for it.

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Man Fatally Shoots Girlfriend, Kills Self

This article is about how an armed man chased his longtime girlfriend through her workplace and into rush-hour traffic, shooting her to death in front of scared witnesses then killing himself. They weren't married but they have been together for approximately 13 years and shared 3 kids who were left orphaned.
"They were running across the street and he was shooting at her. He shot her three times and then he shot himself," one of the witnesses said.

There are many crazy people living in this world and they don't think about things before they do something. I can't believe the man actually killed his long-time girlfriend whom he shared three kids with. NO ONE THINKS OF THE KIDS. How do you think these kids would grow up to be? Having to live with the fact that 'daddy killed mommy then killed himself, so now I'm stuck in an orphanage miles away from my other sibilings'. Its a tough life and because it may be over for the parents, it isn't over for the ones left behind.

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What is Domestic Violence doing to your child?

The link above shows that children who witness domestic violence in their own home become agressive, depressed, and develop misbehaviorial problems. Children are young kids that learn a lot through what happens around them. A kid knows what you are feeling when you are going through abusive times and he feels it too. But sometimes kids grow up thinking it's okay to be abusive. They may believe that being abusive is the way to love someone. You have to try to not expose those types of behavior behind nor' in front of your kids; its unexceptable. Sometimes you may think they aren't around but walls do have ears and they know what is happening behind those closed doors. Don't think that kids are just kids. They have feelings and they are not stupid, they are aware of what's going on.

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Listen .. many woman go through tough times and if you are getting abused, there are other ways of getting out of the relationship with out killing anyone. I know it may be hard, but you are risking too much and its just not the way to go. You will become the monster that he is and it wouldnt get u no where. Click the link 'WIFE MURDERS HER ABUSIVE HUSBAND' above and you will see the article of Mary Winkler, a woman abused by her preacher husband, killed him with a shotgun. Post a comment on your personal opinion.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Constitutional Question: Should homosexual couples be allowed to marry?[[opinion post number 2]]

Case: Henderson V. Georgia. Beth Henderson and her partner, Dawn Fite, have been together for 10 years and want the legal recognition of their union for tax purposes, health insurance purposes, and hospital visting purposes, should one of the get sick. Georgia law prohibits marriage by same sex couples. Beth sues the state, claiming this law is a violation of her constitutionally protected rights.

I ruled with Henderson.
EQUAL RIGHTS. No matter what sex, religion, gay or not, you should have the right to marry. Now if you really think about it, would u think it be fair to allow a man marry more then one woman, or a relatives get married? Its the same thing; everyone is entitled to their own privacy and as long as they are not hurting anyone else then it's ok. A lot of laws are based on religion but there are people that dont believe in god, still marry... Lets put the religion to the side for a minute and lets look at the bigger picture, everyone loves and a law cant prevent someone from moving their relationship to the next step. We aren't that powerful! I, personally, am not gay but if gay people were married, what harm would it do to me? or others?.. if your just scared your kids would think its ok, well then you know what, it is. Theres nothing wrong, there's nothing harmful being done. Everyone just needs to minds their business and let these people marry!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

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"The Violence Against Woman Act"

These links above are laws which were passed about woman who are forced to leave the country by and with their abusive husbands, it is considered kidnapping. It doesn't matter if you are married or not, it is kidnapping because the woman doesn't want to go. I believe this is a great law and we must follow. Click the links and you would see who passed the law and why it is important.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Patty G. and her experience [[Summarize and comment post]] [[scroll down to Patty G.]]

Patty G. found domestic violence to be a way of life. She had an acoholic father who abused her mother, her sibilings and herself for many years. At 14 she then ran away from her home with a guy she loved, who then became a monster. Well, point is many years going through abuse after abuse after abuse, she finally got in DV counseling and found it that hearing other woman and noticing their feelings were much alike, were a lot of help! She still hasn't gotten away from the abuse but it is a working process. She's been told that it is an addiction of way of life. As much as she can change her way of living, she may want to keep going back for more. It doesnt mean she will never overcome this addiction but like she said before... "its a working process".

Patty G's advice: "It is not about how much of a "bitch" you are that "makes" them be abusive I have proved it with my now husband it is about how people feel they could treat you, but they only know that because you let them know it. So how do you deserve to be treated how much do you love yourself. If you are so obsessed with what he thinks that you don't have an answer for that then tell someone and don't be afraid of what people will say because you know they are already talking."

MY COMMENT: I find this story to be great because they are many woman that believe that it is natural for a man to have a little more power or control over a woman. She grew up finding that this was a way of life. Its really difficult for me to put myself in her situation because I was taught differently, but I do understand for the way she does think and feels. At least the fact that she was in DV counseling shows that she is a brave woman for going out and making the first step and admitting that wat has happened to her isn't her fault. I find that to be very brave!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Rihanna and Chris Brown, Back? [[1 Opinion Post]]

In this article (Oprah talks domestic violence, says Rihanna back with Chris Brown because she 'doesn't feel worthy') by, Richard Huff DAILY NEWS TV EDITOR, He explains Oprah Winfrey’s, and her opinion about Chris Brown and Rihanna. She dedicated a show, last Thursday, on “all Rihanna’s in the world”. She gave her opinion on why Rihanna might have gotten back with Chris Brown, “"Let me tell you why she got back with him, in my opinion," Winfrey said, ”If you go back with a man who hits you, it is because you don't feel you're worthy of being with a man who won't."
I agree with Oprah Winfrey but I also believe that Rihanna should have thought about her fans and how she is a role model to many teens in the world. This affects a lot of people because many teens might start believing its okay to get abused and stay with the abuser. Just think about a teen girl who admires Rihanna and everything she does and she is in a relationship with a guy who hits her all the time; Rihanna making her decision might have impacted her fan to stay with this guy and continue to get beat. I dont want to blame Rihanna but I think she should have thought about her decision and who it might affect.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Domestic Violence Response Team [[Link and comment post number 2]]

Click the picture above to get some domestic violence facts. Learn what leads to domestic violence and how to stop it. This website is pretty cool. Check for events as well; last event they had was walking to stop domestic violence but continue to search through this website and you'll learn a lot of interesting things you didn't know about domestic violence.
This is for any one that is interested in learning about domestic violence and how they can advoid it. So far I've learned about signs that you may see in your partner that may reflect domestic voilence might be on its way. Its really cool to know what might be coming your way and maybe you can stop it before it actually happens. Please check it out and continue to support domestic violence survivors and woman that are still in this situation.

Dont be victims become surviors!! [[Link and Comment Post!]]

If your a victim of domestic violence click ' BE SAVED '. It's a cool website I found that will be able to help any domestic violence victims. Take the first step to end this now. All you have to do is click.
I believe this is such a good website for people to find out information and even escape domestic violence. No one deserves this and there's so many ways to stop this but people might not know or might be scared but its always one step at a time. I was never in your shoes, so I dont know your personal feelings behind it but the fact to be a woman and know this is happening, makes me want to reach out to you and at least TRY to help!! Good luck!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Stop Domestic Violence

Hi bloggers, My name is Myshelle and I welcome you to my blogspot!!This is my first time as a blogger and I hope you enjoy.

Since I was a child, I use to watch a lot of Law and Order: SVU shows and was introduced to a lot of issues that dealt with women being raped victims, domestic violence victims and etc, but nothing really caught my eye more than domestic violence crimes. I decided that one day I will become a detective and help many domestic violence victims.
I decided to create this blog so I can catch a lot of other blogger’s attention and have them realize what exactly has been happening to these domestic violence victims and their abusers in America. I am interested in showing how government has decided to address this issue. I will keep you updated with domestic violence cases and how they have been dealt with in the past and how we think they should have been dealt with instead. I will try to find cases that are currently happening so we will be able to give opinion on how fair or unfair these cases really are. Just stay intuned and more blogs will be posted.