Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Patty G. and her experience [[Summarize and comment post]]

http://www.wadv.org/Survivors.htm [[scroll down to Patty G.]]

Patty G. found domestic violence to be a way of life. She had an acoholic father who abused her mother, her sibilings and herself for many years. At 14 she then ran away from her home with a guy she loved, who then became a monster. Well, point is many years going through abuse after abuse after abuse, she finally got in DV counseling and found it that hearing other woman and noticing their feelings were much alike, were a lot of help! She still hasn't gotten away from the abuse but it is a working process. She's been told that it is an addiction of way of life. As much as she can change her way of living, she may want to keep going back for more. It doesnt mean she will never overcome this addiction but like she said before... "its a working process".

Patty G's advice: "It is not about how much of a "bitch" you are that "makes" them be abusive I have proved it with my now husband it is about how people feel they could treat you, but they only know that because you let them know it. So how do you deserve to be treated how much do you love yourself. If you are so obsessed with what he thinks that you don't have an answer for that then tell someone and don't be afraid of what people will say because you know they are already talking."

MY COMMENT: I find this story to be great because they are many woman that believe that it is natural for a man to have a little more power or control over a woman. She grew up finding that this was a way of life. Its really difficult for me to put myself in her situation because I was taught differently, but I do understand for the way she does think and feels. At least the fact that she was in DV counseling shows that she is a brave woman for going out and making the first step and admitting that wat has happened to her isn't her fault. I find that to be very brave!!