Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Summarize and comment number 3

Polygamist who tortured his family is sentenced to 7 life terms.

A man with 3 wives and 19 children was sentenced to 7 life terms for abusing, enslaving, and starving his family. He beatened them with anything he could get his hands on. He wouldn't them go out; they were pratically imprisoned in their own home. They weren't allowed to eat unless he said so but he would still force his wives to cook ONLY for him. Munsa Musa Muhammad is now in jail and the 3 wives and 19 children confessed on all he's done to them.

This article is something I would normally see on Law and Order but it hurts to say that this really happened to these poor people. I am not against Polygamist because like I've explained before, everyone is entitled to their own life styles as long as they aren't harmful to anyone else; he obviously was! No one deserves to get treated like slaves because we aren't in the 1930's. We have our rights and we are entitled to our freedom and we should definately fight for it.

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