Tuesday, June 2, 2009

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Domestic Violence Victim SPEAKS OUT!

She was beaten with a baseball bat and a machete and is still here to explain her story.

"My stomach used to churn when I knew he was about to come home because he would take all his anger out on me," she said.
"He hit me so hard using various items that I would not recognise myself as I was literally battered from head to toe.
"I have had my head split open on several occasions, several broken noses, a broken jaw, broken ribs, a fractured arm, suffered cuts and severe bruising on almost every part of my body."
He was convicted for 16 years, which I believe he should have gotten more. She changed her name and has begun a new life. Much luck to her.

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  1. wow reading this made me sick i can't believe relationships get that serious.What i don't get is why do they wait so long till they almost witness death to than do something?